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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership Program

The Women in Leadership program is designed to provide development for high potential women who are in the early stages of their career.

The purpose of the annual cohort program is to bring together women from different organizations to build foundational skills to elevate their leadership and also grow personally.  The group provides an opportunity for participants to learn from one another and to develop a network of relationships with other women experiencing many of the same work/life challenges.

No upcoming events at the moment

Program Details

  • Understanding the Power of Leadership as a Woman

  • Developing Self-Awareness

  • Managing Stakeholders and Collaboration

  • Developing Effective Communication

  • Defining Your Brand

  • Understanding Power and Influence

  • Developing Resiliency

  • Emotional EQ 

  • Managing Conflict

  • Building a Proactive Career Plan

Women in Leadership Event Gallery

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