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Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness is about cohesion and performance of the team.  It requires understanding the DNA of the team, their strengths and vulnerabilities as it relates to executing on the strategy.


Developing a strong team also requires identifying the strategic architecture of the team which includes designing an aligned vision, mission, values and overall culture.  Finally, a team must clearly define measures for success to ensure team and organizational alignment.

Team Cohesion

  • We work with executive teams to enhance cohesion through assessment, team feedback and facilitation.

  • Our team facilitates sessions for executive teams that include the following:

    • Understanding the DNA of the team, strengths and vulnerabilities

    • Clarifying team roles and responsibilities.

    • Building Trust, Conflict Management, Communication, Decision Making, Scaling Organizations and Driving High Performance.


Open Workspace


  • We work with executive teams to define and align on a strategic architecture that will drive performance.

  • Through the facilitation of a three-day workshop, we define and clarify Vision, Mission, and Values/Culture.

  • We define strategic pillars for greater focus and OKR’s and KPI’s that drive accountability and execution.

  • Our team captures the key measures for success and creates a template to be leveraged internally for ongoing management.

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