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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an opportunity for professional and personal growth.  It is built on self-awareness through assessment and self reflection.

It also requires exploring values, purpose, life and work.  We provide a guided path for leaders to align their needs with the organizational needs and partner with the leader to close gaps.

We focus on enhancing performance while managing energy.  

Coaching Program Overview

  • We will connect the client with two to three potential coaches for an interview and chemistry fit.


  • A brain dominance assessment (Emergenetics) and leadership assessment (Decision Dynamics) will be sent for the client to complete.


  • We will conduct 360 interviews with direct reports, peers and the clients' manager for additional feedback and perspective.


  • A final report will be created and shared with the client and a development plan created.


  • A three-way meeting will be conducted with the manager and client for alignment.


  • We will conduct coaching sessions twice per month for one hour to work on the development plan.


  • We measure the progress of the coaching engagement with a follow up 360 at the 4 month mark of the coaching engagement.

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