Start-up organizations are unique.  They are fast, agile and often trying to strike the balance between building some level of structure while working relentlessly to take marketshare.

Leadership Advisory Group has worked with several start-up organizations to provide support through the following:

Interim Support

As start-ups prepare to scale they often need flexible resources with specific expertise for a short period of time.  We provide interim HR and Talent support to start up organizations in areas such as setting up performance management systems, competency design, assessment, and leadership development strategy and design.


Start-up’s are often led by new emerging leaders who are leading new strategies and large teams for the first time.  We provide individual coaching that supports leaders as they scale to meet the demands of a fast paced high growth environment.

Leadership Development

Most start-up organizations are filled with young first time leaders who are bright, passionate and agile. These leaders have the right DNA to succeed but often require specific development building the fundamentals of leadership.  We provide customized cohort programs to support growth and development.

Executive Team Development

As new leaders come together to lead start-up organizations there is a need for true team alignment, defined values, team agreements and decision making skills to effectively drive organization success.  We provide executive team assessment and alignment for newly formed teams.


After interviewing a few different coaches, I knew right away that Irene was the right coach for me. As a female executive, being coached by an accomplished woman who has been there was important to me. When you know, you know. To say that she has been a game changer would be an understatement. I use the tools she has given me on a weekly basis and will forever be grateful for our time together. Her detailed and personalized approach provided me with someone in my corner that could also swiftly lead me through areas of improvement (which we all need!) and enhance relationships with all key people in my life, both business and personal.

Katie Marston, CMO, Once Upon a Farm

Our business is complex… Irene was [is] phenomenal at absorbing the full breadth of our complexity and then helping me [the client] clearly see the way to focused action.

The Leadership Advisory team building services helped us not only identify our gaps, but also be equipped with a mechanism to obtain them and measure our improvement.

The work I have done with Irene has been transformational. It has reshaped the way that I think about myself, my team and how to lead. Irene is unafraid to dive into the tough areas. She’s open to the hard conversations. The ones that you need to have in you want to build something truly great.

Monica Royer, CEO, Monica And Andy

I have had the pleasure of working with Irene and so have several of my team members – at various stages of organizational and professional growth. Irene has a unique approach to coaching and executive development. She focuses not only on maximizing one’s skills and talents, but what is also most important to a leader on a personal level. I highly recommend engaging with Irene and Leadership Advisory Group to grow and scale your leadership teams to reach their full potential.

John Gurski, Chief Sales Officer, PointClickCare