Start-up organizations are unique.  They are fast, agile and often trying to strike the balance between building some level of structure while working relentlessly to take marketshare.

Leadership Advisory Group has worked with several start-up organizations to provide support through the following:

Interim Support

As start-ups prepare to scale they often need flexible resources with specific expertise for a short period of time.  We provide interim HR and Talent support to start up organizations in areas such as setting up performance management systems, competency design, assessment, and leadership development strategy and design.


Start-up’s are often led by new emerging leaders who are leading new strategies and large teams for the first time.  We provide individual coaching that supports leaders as they scale to meet the demands of a fast paced high growth environment.

Leadership Development

Most start-up organizations are filled with young first time leaders who are bright, passionate and agile. These leaders have the right DNA to succeed but often require specific development building the fundamentals of leadership.  We provide customized cohort programs to support growth and development.

Executive Team Development

As new leaders come together to lead start-up organizations there is a need for true team alignment, defined values, team agreements and decision making skills to effectively drive organization success.  We provide executive team assessment and alignment for newly formed teams.

Scaling start-up’s require the acceleration of key leadership capabilities to keep pace with the demands of the market and investor expectations.