Working with Start Up organizations is a unique experience that requires a specialized approach.

Leadership Advisory Group has over a decade of expertise supporting Founders and their executive teams to prepare them for the next level of leadership to scale their businesses.

Our depth of understanding in this space allows us to quickly assess and provide solutions that limit complexity while also building the foundation critical to the future.

The Foundation of Our Work Includes:

Managing Yourself as a Leader
Hiring the Best Talent and Providing Clarity and Accountability
Enabling Executive Team Performance and Cohesion
Designing a One Page Strategic Plan
Defining Values and Culture
Executing Through Priorities
Gathering the Right Data for Informed Decision Making
Managing Cash and Financial Rigor

Leadership Advisory Group provides clients the following:

Founder and Executive Coaching

Founder (n.) – One who establishes something or formulates the basis for something

Founders know how to make something from nothing. They are innovative, visionary and idea people. Companies start with an idea but require much more to grow.

Executive coaching serves as a support system to a Founder or executive in a start up to help scale the organization through human capital, structure, systems and processes.

We have over decade of experience working in start-ups at both the early and late stage to ensure leaders are prepared to lead at the next level.

Defining Strategy, Mission, Vision and Values

Organizations can only be successful if there is clarity and alignment on Mission, Vision and Strategy as well as the Values which drive culture.

We work closely with start-up Founders, CEO’s and their executive teams to establish the foundation for the organizations growth. Together, we define these key pillars through a workshop format to enable alignment and agreement to drive organizational success.

Creating Aligned Goals and KPI’s

Great leaders align strategy with goals and then align their people to those goals.

KPI’s are designed to determine the performance indicators for productivity.

Without both of these, an organization cannot focus and cannot ensure employees are working on the right critical priorities.

We support leaders in establishing goals and KPIs that are directly cascaded from the strategy to drive ultimate performance.

Executive Team Assessment and Cohesion

Executive teams of start ups are the most important and powerful force of driving the business.

We work with executive teams to identify team energy preferences through a genetic brain dominance assessment known as Emergenetics.

Leveraging this profile with the Decision Dynamics assessment and 360 data we are able to define the overall strengths and vulnerabilities of a team.

We then leverage this data to assist in forming facilitated sessions to develop team trust, conflict management, team agreements, decision making and overall execution of the business strategy.

Designing Organizational Structure

The structure of organization as well as clear roles and responsibilities are critical to organizational success.

We work with start ups to define the best organizational structure to support the functions that are needed to execute on the strategic goals of the business.

Defining key roles often times means hiring expertise that is currently not available internally.

We work with you to determine the key roles, competencies and structure of the organization to ensure clarity and overall accountability across the organization.