Organizational effectiveness is the measure of how successfully organizations achieve their missions through their core strategies.  It is focused on understanding the unique capabilities organizations must develop to ensure success.

Leadership Advisory Group provides clients the following:

Culture Transformation

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” Peter Drucker.  The best strategy will not be effective without an aligned culture.  Culture transformation is a shift that must take place throughout an entire organization that requires changing the hearts, minds and skills of the workforce to support the desired culture.  We work with clients to define the current versus future state of the culture and work with leaders to align organizational strategy and human behavior.  Leveraging assessment tools, surveys and facilitated sessions, we develop the cultural competency needed across the organization to build a healthy and productive culture that enables employee engagement and performance.

Change Management

Change is an absolute constant in our world today.  Change management comprises the processes, tools and techniques used to manage the people side of change and achieve desired business outcomes.  Ultimately, change management focuses on how to help employees embrace, adopt change while executing in the new reality of the change in their day to day work.  We work with clients to create the business case for change, identify and enable Change Champions and Change Agents and facilitate training for leadership.  In addition, we assist our clients in managing the communication cadence regarding change and the key messages created to gain buy in.

Organizational Design

Organizational design is key to effective execution of organizational strategy.  Its purpose is to identify how work  flows  throughout an organization, key processes, chain of command and span of control.  We work with clients to define the current and future workflow needs and create organizational structures leveraging a human  centered  approach that improves how people work together to create high performing organizations.

Performance Management

Performance Management is the process of aligning and setting individual  and team goals that are aligned to the strategic goals of an organization.
We work with clients to define clear and measurable goals that are cascaded down the organization and linked to compensation practices.  We facilitate training and provide consulting support to assist leaders in providing performance feedback. Performance Management is designed to measure the “what” and “how” of performance.  Technical  versus behavioral goals for any position.

Competency Design

A competency framework is designed to help your organization to identify the skills, knowledge and characteristics that enable organizational strategy.  It also helps your employees to grow and develop in their careers.  We work with clients to review organizational strategy, values and organizational structure to design team and individual competencies that enable performance and development.  This work allows managers to define and measure  success of a role, set expectations, evaluate performance, and close critical gaps preparing the employee for advancement.

Succession Management

Creating a robust talent pipeline and talent review process to ensure future succession within the organization.

Leveraging organizational capability for true execution requires the development of a talent strategy that links business strategy, organizational structure and talent processes.