HRIS technology enables organizations to manage large amounts of employee data while ensuring faster delivery of service across all aspects of human capital management.

The process of identifying a system can often be overwhelming and confusing due to the variety of options available in the market and an organizations unique needs.

Leadership Advisory Group provides clients the following:


We provide a structured process to assess your current landscape and future HRIS business needs.  A final report is provided that highlights key gaps and suggested go forward strategy.

Requirement Building

We will formalize a requirements document based upon your needs to ensure alignment during vendor selection.

RFP Creation

Leadership Advisory Group will create a customized RFP for vendor selection to include your specific requirements.

Vendor Selection

We will participate in the vendor selection process as well as make recommendations for vendors who have solutions that meet your specific needs.

Change Management

Ensuring adoption is critical to the HRIS implementation process.  Our team trains and facilitates change management across the organization to ensure employees accept and use the new system.

It starts with understanding your human capital needs and outcomes, developing the aligned processes and then selecting the right technology to streamline execution.