Executive teams are critical to driving organizational performance and business unit success.  Executive team alignment ensures that teams have a clearly defined mission, vision, strategy and values that are tied to goals and objectives for each team member.

Leadership Advisory Group provides the following support to help executive teams to align and drive success:

Executive Team Assessment

The first step in any executive team alignment process is to better understand the cerebral preferences and make up of the executive team.  We leverage validated assessment tools such as Decision Dynamics and Emergenetics assessments to create awareness regarding the teams overall make up, vulnerability, and uncover areas of opportunity for growth and development as a team.

Design of Strategic Architecture

To ensure operational success, executive teams must agree upon the strategic architecture of the organization or functional business unit.  This includes defining the Mission, Vision and Values with clarity and defining the strategic pillars of the business with concrete OKR’s and accountabilities for execution.  We provide executive team facilitation that helps to define these pillars along with the roles, responsibilities and integration across the team.  Our approach combines the assessment data we have gathered along with a structured methodology to create synergy across the team while leveraging the diversity of the team as a whole.

Ongoing Support

To enable ongoing success, we work with executive teams to facilitate monthly or quarterly check in sessions to review progress against the strategic architecture and further assess areas of potential strain or challenges to be addressed.

Executive Team Cohesion

To be effective executive teams must get through the forming, storming and norming process of team cohesion.  We work with executive teams to provide facilitated sessions that focus on trust, conflict management, communication, and overall operational execution.